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Thursday, February 9

Nokia Lumia 800 set to go on sale on february 14th via Microsoft Store

So once again, I have put on my sherlock holmes hat, and stopped by a Microsoft Store (it's on my way home from school).
And tried to get some information on when the Lumia 800 (unlocked) will be made available.

I can confirm that the Lumia 800 will be available from valentine's Day (February 14th).

unfortunately that's all I got, I can't confirm the price, though the rumour making the rounds is that it will sell for $899 as a bundle (Lumia800+NokiaPlay360+Bluetooth Headset).

The Person I spoke to said and I quote "if we sold it as a single device, without the bundle, it will be $550, that's not exactly confirming anything, is it?

So we wait for Val's day I guess.

till then, I'll keep you posted (those who are interested in getting this) on any latest development.

*taking off my sherlock holmes hat now**


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