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Thursday, February 16

(Updated) Nokia Lumia 800+Play360+Luna+Purity Headset = $899 Now available at Microsoft Store

Lumia 800 bundle package

I just got a call from a Microsoft Store rep informing me that the Nokia Lumia 800 Bundle (Nokia Lumia 800+Play360+Luna+Purity Headset ) is now available for $899.

The Lumia 800 is available in Black and Magenta (pink), other colors are said to be released soon (including green, fuchsia and white)

The general reaction is that this is too expensive, so let's take a look at their prices individually and find out if it makes sense to pick this up.

in the bundle you have

Nokia Lumia 800 ($499 from amazon)
Nokia Play 360 ($165 from amazon)
Nokia Monster Purity Stereo headset ($199 from Amazon)
Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset ($79 from Amazon).

So in total if you pick these up individually from amazon, you'd have spent (getting my calculator)... $942
And the Microsoft store bundle is $899, so you are saving $43.

Uhm yeah, that's not going to work, Microsoft store will have to think of either selling the Lumia 800 on its own (this will definitely lead to a sell-out) or making the bundle deal worth while ($899 is just too much, especially when it includes accessories you don't necessarily need).
You should see the look on people's faces when they hold this phone, they wouldn't have a problem picking one up if it sold for say between $500-$600, but the exorbitant price and bundle package is holding them off


The Nokia Lumia 800 entertainment bundle is now available online, prior to that you could only go into a Microsoft store (if you are lucky enough to have one in your neighborhood) to get it. but now you can order this bundle online for the same $899 HERE


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