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Tuesday, February 28

Nokia Maps + Bing Maps yield first results

Remember when S.Elop said in an interview in January how Nokia was working with Bing to bring a unified Map services to the platform and how Nokia maps could eventually replace Bing's map services.
 Well, the first fruit of the labor is here, Nokia Maps on Lumia devices was nothing to write home about, and after T-Mobile launched its Lumia 710, that was one of the major complaints from former Nokia Symbian users who got the Lumia 710.
Nokia has improved the Nokia Maps/Drive experience greatly, as you can see here. And today they announced how their Maps is now unified with Bing's Maps.

Here are the latest improvements:
Common color palette for road map style
We’ve updated our color palette to create a cleaner and consistent view of roads and landmarks resulting in a map that’s easier to interpret. For instance, the new road color is further clarified from rivers while not competing with traffic colors or overlaid information.

Celebrate Typography
We focused significantly on improving various typography components in order to provide further clarity on maps including font updates, improved readability and contextual labeling. Type size hierarchy further delineates classes of labels. The user watches city names consistently grow and become more transparent through the zoom levels. Small type is demystified from its surroundings with a technique that reduces clutter instead of adding glows or ever-present strokes. The right use of typography helps our customers consume mapping details more quickly.

Using Visual Hierarchy to create Focus and maintain context
At each level, there’s an appropriate amount of information conveyed to the user. Too little or too much information can lead to overload and thereby an unpleasant user experience. We’ve redesigned with this in mind, so a very different level of information is presented to you when you zoom compared to when you pan out. Go in for detail, pull back for context. We strive to keep the orientation and context of a user within the map surface persistent across various levels of zoom.

In addition to our map design updates, we’re also adding a significant amount of mapping coverage and data due to our partnership with Nokia and NavTeq. Each map data refresh from NavTeq brings with it many improvements, and each one also attempts to include as many new roads/subdivisions/ changes/etc. as possible. This update is no exception and the changes are too vast to list but most notably, there are a few entire countries that really improved including Egypt, Israel, Malta, Philippines, Uruguay and Venezuela to name a few.

So can we just get rid of Bing now?!

For more on this, read full story at Nokia Conversations


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