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Tuesday, February 7

Nokia mistakenly show off white LUMIA 900 -updated

 Nokia has done it again, Someone at Nokia Facebook Page team accidentally loaded a pic of the Lumia 900 in WHITE!!! thinking it was the recently announced White Lumia 800, haha!

 See the wall post by Nokia on their Nokia Facebook Page  before they take it down. lol
Now we know for sure there will indeed be a non-At&t Lumia 900 (as the image above has no at&t logo).
Expect to see an unlocked version of the Lumia 900 at the upcoming MWC in Barcelona

Might be, its a publicity stunt, who knows.

Nokia is making way too many mistakes these days, its hard to think they are not planned!

I hope someone from Nokia leaves a Prototype Lumia 610 at a bar soon!

[UPDATE] Nokia has taken down the Facebook picture. But we already know! :)

Following the announcement of the white Lumia 800 and before this pic was accidentally posted,
I had asked Nokia US about the possibility of a white Lumia 900.

I like how they didn't admit or deny anything.


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