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Monday, February 20

Nokia Nano-Like Device?

I came across another video (uploaded in 2009, its pretty old, so old that OVI still existed back then!) showcasing what Nokia plans to achieve by 2015. And by 2015 Nokia will not only be building world class devices, but will also be building a global network of services for everyone.

I don't know if this is still in Nokia's Roadmap for the future, especially since it's before Nokia/Microsoft partnership.
It's interesting, but what's even more interesting is that while most of the technologies shown here are concept and planned for 2015, a lot of it is already in our hands today. for example:

Doesn't the phone in the video remind you of the Nokia N9? It doesn't have any physical buttons except the volume keys (Just like the N9)

The video shows how you can beam a keyboard to any surface and type, seen stuff like this in SciFi movies, and we made not be far from it. So when I saw this, I instantly remembered Microsoft Surface

Microsoft surface

Then there's some kind of advanced augmented reality, where it doesn't just show you landmarks based on your GPS location, but this shows you where your friends are, pretty neat huh! Hopefully this will be implemented into Nokia Pulse.

some type of augmented reality; shows your friends

There are also other interesting stuff, like a technology that resembles google's hangout, a projector phone, streaming stock prices (real time) and more...

The most interesting part of the video starts at 2:07, where the voice-over talks about a "Nokia Key" that he uses between what seems to be a tablet and a small device (size of a nano).

concept tablet

nano-like device

 Well, I'm bringing this up because this nano-like Nokia device shown up recently in an article by Techradar, where at last year's Nokia World, Microsoft inadvertently showed upcoming designs of its future phones/tablet PCs (made by Nokia).

What manner of gadget is this?

So is this Nokia Nano-like gadget something that's already in the works? or is it just a concept?

FUN FACT: Business Analysts also tipped Nokia + Windows Phone to be 2nd in Smartphone ecosystem by 2015


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