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Friday, February 17

Nokia Pulse coming soon to iPhone and Android devices

Nokia is betting on its Social Location based app; Nokia Pulse to be a huge hit, much like Foursquare.

Nokia Pulse is already available on 3 mobile platforms: Windows Phone, Symbian and MeeGo.

“One of the reasons I joined Nokia is because the company is going through transition,” Özer said. “Nokia has been able to rediscover itself at times in the past, and I believe this is another one of those times.”

And according to Nokia's Global Head of Social and Location Based Applications, Başak Özer, who in an interview recently with Boston Business Journal, Nokia intend to bring this proprietary app to the iPhone and Android devices, as Başak notes that to be truly social, you have to be on every platform.
This is a welcome move, it's no brainer that Nokia has the best suite of Navigation/location based apps (Nokia Maps Suite), Nokia maps is already available on the iPhone (as a web app), so it makes more sense to expand this by including the Nokia Pulse.

Nokia Pulse is set to rival Google's Latitude.

It is important to note that Nokia Pulse is a step Nokia is taking towards its dive into the social networking world.

Read more excerpts from the interview with Nokia's first social lady, Başak Özer

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