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Tuesday, February 21

Nokia Pure View (N8 Successor?). Find out on feb 27th

Nokia just uploaded a Teaser video about its new Pure View technology.
In case, you don't know, pure view is a new camera technology Nokia has developed to makes pictures clearer, brighter, sharper, in higher definition, this technology is said to revolutionize the Camera Phone wars and take Nokia light years ahead of its competitors in terms of Smartphone Camera builds. just like they did with Carl Zeiss lens.
We already know Nokia trademarked the term "Pure View"
So should we expect to see this new camera technology on both Symbian (if they still exist) and Nokia windows phone Apollo?

The video is a 22 seconds teaser (shot in High Def 1080p resolution) and no doubt it was shot with a Pure View camera (N8 successor?)

and the highlights are:
  • Pure Detail
  • Pure Depth
  • Pure Definition (higher than "High Definition")
Pure Detail + Pure Depth + Pure Definition = Pure View

So come 27th (next Monday), we will see this new technology in action. whether it's on the N8 successor or not.

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  1. Nokia gave two years for competitors to match the N8 camera - nobody could. So it is only fair that the successor comes from Nokia! And they will be years, yes years, ahead of competition (in this field of technology) once again. Hopefully this gets the attention it deserves.

  2. if Nokia puts it out on Symbian and Windows Phone then yes, it will get the attention, so let's hope they do the right thing here