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Monday, February 6

Nokia working on a QWERTY Lumia device? Lumia 610?

Lumia 610 concept

I have come to the conclusion that Nokia is indeed working on a QWERTY Lumia Phone. And we will see it before the end of the Year. How do I know?
Evidence #1:
TechRadar recently showed a pic from Nokia world that shows both current and future Windows Phone/Tablet designs/form factors.
Nokia World slide showing roadmap
As you can see, that is definitely a phone with a QWERTY physical keypad (just like the E Series), And with Apollo being able to support different screen resolution, this makes it all the more plausible!

Evidence #2
I was playing with Nokia hidden diagnostic Tool on the Lumia 800 and discovered a test you can run for the LED keypad control (this test is run to test the back-light on a physical keypad), this caught my attention because we all know neither the 710, 800 or 900 have a keypad! Though some might argue this will be the physical keys on the 710, I wouldn't necessarily call those keypads, more like home buttons?!

So yes, people, Nokia is definitely working on the Lumia 610 (which is what I like to call it, cos I don't think it would be higher than the 900) and it we'll probably see it in the second half of 2012 or maybe as early as 3weeks from now (at MWC in Barcelona), we'll see!


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