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Sunday, February 19

Nokia's Dual-Screen "All Touch" Twist Phone

Nothing to do this weekend, so I decided to watch random Nokia videos on Youtube and came across this video from 2007 about a Nokia concept phone from user "cjw2514", who explains in the description that it's a concept model for a collaboration project with Nokia back in 2006

As you can see from the video, it's a dual touch screen phone with a twist, no I literally mean it when I say "with a twist"
Wonder if Nokia's working on a Windows Phone 7 Apollo dual screen "all touch" twist phone like this, it's very possible, we all know Nokia is particularly good at bring concepts to life!

After watching this concept phone demo video, I realized I have seen this phone before, well something fairly similar, it's the Nokia 7705.

Many probably haven't seen the Nokia 7705 is (aka Nokia Twist). Well, it's a cheap CDMA Verizon phone (that explains why you have never heard of it).
with a 2.4inch display, 3MP camera and a QWERTY keyboard

Though Other Phone manufacturers have at least one phone with some kind of twisting mechanism, I don't know if there's a dual screen "all touch" twisting phone out there yet.


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