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Monday, February 27

Nokia's New Services for Lumia: Nokia Map/Drive, Nokia Reader and Nokia Life

Nokia Maps & Drive:
Nokia announced updated Nokia Map & Drive apps on its Lumia devices.
If you remember, a lot of former Nokia Symbian users here in the US complained about how it was lacking it many of the features that made the Nokia Map/Drive the best in the Navigation app business.
I even wrote an article about it.
Well, it seems all that has changed, ok not changed, the word I'm looking for is improved.
Nokia improved it Nokia Maps/Drive apps, it's still not up to par with what is offered on current Symbian devices, but it will do for now, at least we know they are working on it.
The new improved features include:
full offline support (offline search and route calculation),
newly designed dashboard with speed limit alerts,
speed you are traveling at,
time of arrival,
and most importantly you can now save destinations (in your collection) just like on Symbian phones.

Nokia Public Transport:
Nokia Public Transport is a unique service that allows you to plan fast inner-city routes from point to point, and work out your time of arrival.
I used this on my Nokia N8 one time and it was great. As a driver, I found myself in a situation where I had to use this app and my goodness was it handy. Shows you the best public route to your destination, time of arrival, bus transit times too. nice utility app, courtesy Nokia.
Nokia Public Transport should be available on Lumia device in the coming days. here's a demo of it alongside the Nokia Pulse on the Lumia 900:

Nokia Reader:

The Nokia Lumia is about to become even more entertaining with Nokia Reading, a premium e-book and audio experience.
Nokia is working with some of the world’s biggest publishers, including Penguin and Hachette, and Pearson to launch a world class e-book and audiobook experience that’s been designed specifically for the Nokia Lumia.
I personally cannot wait to start reading on the 4.3inch screen of the Lumia 900.

 Nokia Life:

The hugely successful Nokia Life Tools has now become the new and enhanced Nokia Life, which includes great extra services like Life Skills and Parenting Advice, as well as new social elements.
Since its launch in 2009, millions of people in China, Indonesia, India and Nigeria have been using the SMS-based service to access a wealth of entertainment, and information, that would otherwise only be available on the Internet.

Read more on these new services at Nokia Conversations...


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