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Friday, February 24

Nokia's Top Windows Phone Manufacturer in just 3months

According to Alex Spektor, associate director at Strategy Analytics
"Microsoft smartphone shipments remain tiny, but they are showing tentative signs of growth," Largely due to the introduction of Nokia's Lumia devices and it's amazing everyday campaign. Nokia alone has sold close to 3million WinPho7 devices in the last 4months, and not just selling, they are getting rave reviews (especially the Lumia 800 and the yet to be released Lumia 900).

This is significant news, as it answers the question many have been asking about who is really gaining from who in the Microsoft + Nokia relationship. It is now clear, WinPho has little or no acknowledge in the smartphone ecosystem, well until Nokia showed up to save the, let's not forget, before the merger, Samsung, LG and HTC have been carrying WinPho with no results (mainly due to the fact that these manufacturers are focusing more on Android OS).

So I would like to say to Microsoft (and its WinPho) on behalf of Nokia: "You're welcome!"

Source: The Seattle Times

FUN FACT: Nokia has sold more Windows Phones than Samsung HTC and LG (combined) have sold in the last 2yrs.


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