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Wednesday, February 29

PR 1.2 now available for Nokia N9, FULL changelog inside

I guess I would liken the PR1.2 update for Nokia N9 to Nokia's Belle for Symbian devices, because like Belle, it's Users have waited for this for a long time and it comes with a lot of improvements.(in fact, it's supposed to come with 3000+ improvements).
Though the PR1.2 was made available to N950 developer edition users a while back, it hjas now begun rolling out to "normal users"

PR1.2 is here and current N9 users have got it and can't leave their phones alone.

Here is a full list of Changelog, as reported by
1 Folders. To rename a folder press and hold inside the created folder to see a space to type the name.
2 Default font changed. Including height and weight.
3 Contact Book has the 'Search' bar visible by default.
4 Each Contact Book entry now has wording "Synct to - MFE - <email address>". This isnt 'clickable' and seems odd as it takes up quite a bit of space without clear functionality.
5 IM Availability screen has been changed. It is now dark themed.
6 Searching for contacts has been optimised and now allows you to search in Skype from the same screen.
7 Swype keyboard now has bigger keys. Cant emphasise how great of an update this is. Also they seem to have fixed the "P" bug in swype. Previously starting a word with P in swype resulted in the keyboard being swiped. This no longer happens.
8 Turning off the device causes the LED to stay on. Once it goes off the device can be turned on again.
9 All UI menus have changed from white grey to black grey. 
10 Support for D-Pad arrows.

Homescreen/Standby Screen
1 LED now 'breathes' when the device is being charged.
2 Facebook/Twitter notifications on the home screen.
3 Swiping down to close an app now results in a dark shadow being cast on the open window. I suppose this is to indicate the swipe will close the app? Nice touch.
4 Closing an app no longer results in the app appearing in the multi tasking window for a split second before closing.
5 Disable Backgound connection for mobile data connection (ie. if you want to allow only WLAN to be used for bg connection).

1 Copy and paste in the Browser.
2 Most visited links on the Browser now has the top 2 visited sites in Bold and same size. (see image)
3 Opening and closing a link from a browser sends you back to the original page as oppose to the multi tasking window.

1 Video Calling (more details needed)
2 Camera improvement (Shortcut to enable/disable flash, New filters for video recording? and an option to turn on flash whilst recording)
3 Gallery Improvement (Face tagging)
4 Some new Wallpapers inserted in Gallery?
5 Media Sharing. Support for DLNA enabled devices (not tested)
6 More image editing options in the Gallery.
7 Selecting multiple files in the image gallery causes a purple haze to appear over the images. Previously only a purple outline was used.
8 Music. Now you can delete a music file straight from the media player.
9 Music Player supports Playlist making
10 Support for Dropbox

1 Email. The words "up-to-date" now appear when a mailbox has been synced in the last 1 minute.
2 Threaded email.
3 Email. A failure to sync an inbox now shows a red arrow on the notification bar. 

1 Improved scrolling in most apps. Including the Ovi/Nokia Market. Though lag still appears unexpectedly.
2 Drive. The Drive App now has imported all the Favourites from the Maps application. Also the panning/zooming is much smoother. I also note that street names now re-flow with you to ensure you can always see the street names.

Bugs/lacking features that still annoy me
1 Twitter. Still unable to retweet in the official app. 
2 Facebook App still missing "Groups". 
3 After editing a photo it still takes a while for the "Share" button to appear for that particular image.

The guys over at also added a few:
  • fixed 122 bugs reported by users from all over the World in public bugtrucker
  • DLNA support (for music sharing)
  • folders on the "Home Screen"
  • universal copy/paste
  • faster codecs for video coded in H.264 standard,[50]
  • USB On-The-Go (AKA USB OTG) which will allow various accessories to be attached such as keyboards, mice, and external memory and many other improvements[citation needed]
  • quick change of flash LED in foto mode, also quick change of LED in video camera mode, w/o leaving application (camera)
  • better playing H.264 video
  • search option for Microsoft Exchange mailing
  • VPN support
  • bigger interliny for system fonts
  • graphic element for confirmation informing that a software is to be closed
  • improved Facebook client
  • DropBox account support
  • improvements in built-in browser
  • improvements in camera supporting application
  • improvements in Gallery application
  • improvements in Nokia Music application

Talk about an Update, from all these improvements, it looks like the MeeGo Operating system was changed entirely.

I'm really tempted to get this device, I still haven't even seen one physically!

source: myn9


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