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Monday, February 27

Skype for Windows Phone demoed on the Lumia 900 (white)

Skype for Windows Phone is now available, well a beta version of it.
This app is the most anticipated app for windows phone, ever since Microsoft acquired Skype, people have waited eagerly for what skype would bring to the table for Microsoft's mobile division WinPho7.

As you know, Nokia just announced the Lumia 900 will be available to the rest of the world, not LTE but with a DC HSPA speed (similar to LTE)

and here it is, demoed on the white Lumia 900.

if you have a WinPho7 with a front facing camera (which I doubt as the Lumia 900 isn't out yet), but you can still try it out on your Lumia 710 or 800.

download Skype for WinPho


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