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Friday, February 17

Slacker Radio VS. Radio Controlled (for Nokia Lumia Phones)

Radio Controlled is a Pandora client for Windows Phone, where you can create your own custom radio station based on an artist, album or song title.

Slacker Radio is the same thing, though not a Pandora client, Slacker also customizes radio stations for you based on your preference,

They are both internet radio services, so having unlimited data plan is what you'll need if you want to enjoy this

Let's see which one of these two similar apps stands out against the other.

So?... which do you prefer?

They are both free! to use radio controlled, register free on, then log in to this app. You can also register for slacker radio by going to or from within the app

Go to Marketplace to get Slacker

Go to Marketplace to get Radio Controlled


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