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Thursday, February 16

Unboxing: Nokia Luna Bluetooth Headset "it's out of this world"

Nokia Luna

The Nokia Luna Bluetooth headset is "one of a kind" and simply out of this world.
I got the honor to receive such a magnificent piece of art from the guys at Nokia connects (Thank you).

Nokia's latest Bluetooth headsets: Nokia Luna

And I haven't taken it out of my ear (well, only when I need to take a shower),
The Nokia Luna is beautifully and wonderfully made, it comes in 5 different colors: Black White Fuchsia Green and Cyan, that's what I call "choices" pick any of the Luna colors to match your Nokia/Lumia phone, clothes, bags or even your shoes (Ladies).

Unboxing video:

Connectivity is seamless with the Luna headset, once you pair it to your phone, you don't have to re-connect as it automatically connects to your phone anytime you undock it from its holder.
You get a voice confirmation on your headset once it's paired with your Nokia phone.

To take a call, end a call or disconnect from the Luna altogether just press the little on/off  switch at the back of the device.

The sound quality is also amazing (actually better than holding your Nokia phone to your ear).

I also tested out the connectivity radius between the Luna and my Nokia N8,I was able to go as far as 9meters (which is really impressive) from my phone before I experienced stutter and connection issues, however that number reduced to 6meters when there were walls between me and my phone.

and with a talk-time of 8hrs and a standby time of 60 days (yes, 2 months), you wouldn't want to put this masterpiece down.

The Luna fits perfectly in your ear, with 3 different size ear buds to choose from, you wouldn't worry about it falling off, I just went for a jog while I had the Luna headset on, and listening to music! pretty cool! You can also listen to your favorite music from the Luna.

The Nokia Luna is indeed "out of this world"

See commercial for Nokia Luna:

Unboxing gallery:

Thanks to the Nokia Connect team: @tomhall @lalatour @elisahautaniemi for making this possible


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