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Wednesday, February 15

Windows Phone Takes 3rd position in Italy and ireland, RIM is no where to be found

I'll admit I was one of those who laughed last year when S.Elop and S.Ballmer announced plans to take 3rd spot in the Mobile ecosystem globally, a spot clearly held by RIM/Blackberry at the time.
Well, a year later RIM seems to be relinquishing that position as Windows Phone has already begun to show signs of its dominance by claiming 3rd most popular OS in countries Ireland and Italy, this conclusion based on mobile browser usage by users in these countries and most probably fueled by Lumia 800 sales (which has been doing so well in Europe).

This number is expected to rise significantly when Nokia unveil the Lumia 900 (international version0 and the very affordable but sleek Lumia 610

source: wmpoweruser


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