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Friday, March 30

3 Things "SmokedByWindows" should learn from Nokia's "Lumia Chanllenge"

So Nokia just showed Microsoft and its SmokedByWindows challenge how it's really done, with the same concept of challenging unsuspecting iPhone or android users to a race of who's got the faster phone.

 Like the SmokedByWindows challenge, a windows phone users and someone with an iPhone, android or any other phone for that matter, they perform different tasks to see who can do it faster, tasks like who can snapping and uploading a pic on Facebook the fastest, check weather the fastest, who's faster in searching and lots more.

Nokia Lumia Challenge as it is conveniently called went down in the UK on February 25th of this year, and just look at how much fun they are having...

While here in the US, Microsoft's original version of the challenge "SmokedByWindows" is currently being sued. So where did "smokedByWindows" go wrong?

First,  Instead of creating a stage for the challenge, it should be done randomly, like bumping into someone on a bus, at a mall or at the park.. this makes it more natural, rather than creating a place and time, this gets people prepared and expectations are not as high when they already know what to expect.

Secondly, Keep the challenge period short, Nokia's Lumia Challenge was a one day thing, while "SmokedByWindows" looked like it was going on forever (even though it obviously isn't), and eventually everyone just called it a publicity stunt.

Lastly, There should be Little or no incentives This was pretty much the biggest mistake the "SmokedByWindows" team made and that's announce a huge incentive ($1000 really?!!) for those who won the challenge, and in this economy it was only a matter of time before someone sued and they did! and now it's not fun anymore, the whole fiasco about claims from users of cheating by windows staff just blurred out the actual message behind the challenge.
Nokia offered £10 ($13)in its Lumia challenge, now think about it if you walked up to a stranger and asked him to do the challenge and told him that there was a $1000 prize if he won, he would do the challenge but pay no attention to it but rather have his mind set on winning the $1000 prize, compared to if you told him it was a $13 prize, he would do it but not because of the $13 but out of curiosity of what windows phone can do.
After all, the the whole idea behind it was never to reward people but to make them aware of  what windows phone had to offer and that's speed on a different UI with ease of use.

Life they say, is about learning from our mistakes!


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