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Monday, March 26

Angry Bird Space coming to Windows Phone according to Rovio CEO

Rovio, a Finnish company and makers of popular game "Angry Birds" have stated through their CEO Michael Hed that the latest release to the franchise "Angry Birds Space" will be coming to windows phone, this new release launched last week is already available on android and iPhone and the word was that it wouldn't be coming to windows phone as the company had ditched the platform for unspecified reasons.
Well during an interview with Reuters, their CEO stated that Angry Birds Space for windows phone is in the works.

This got me wondering, why are developers shying away from windows phone, is the environment not conducive? Every time you turn on your phone and look for popular apps they are always missing from the marketplace, and there's always one or two petitions by windows phone users asking developer companies to make apps for the platform,
for instance, popular apps like Zynga's words with friends and draw something, cut the rope and many more.
Maybe these apps will eventually show up and are in the works, or maybe  these companies just don't feel making their apps on the windows phone platform is a good investment.
Either way, Microsoft and Windows Phone will have to work with these guys and solve whatever problem it is that's preventing us growing windows phone users from enjoying what iphone and android users already have!


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