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Sunday, March 4

Appisode 86: SteamPunk Fantasy for Nokia Lumia Phones

Though I don't get the logic behind the name of this game "SteamPunk Fantasy". Its still fun, using the classic tetris concept of falling bricks, though in the game, its falling steam pipes you have to connect to each other to direct steam to wherever!

game description:
Steampunk Fantasy takes the best parts of your favorite puzzle strategy games like 
Tetris and Bejeweled, and combines them into one addictive ride! Gameplay is simple 
- fill the steam gauge by connecting 5 or more pieces of steampunk machinery. 
Master the art of building connections of *more* than 5 pieces for huge point 
bonuses! Keep the board in order with special drops of TNT, the Drill, and the 

you can check out the video:

SteamPunk Fantasy is free and you can get it here


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