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Thursday, March 15

Appisode 89: MiniSquadron for Nokia Lumia Devices

Ah, MiniSquadron is not just another shoot 'em up game, it's actually fun. I found the gameplay + graphics to be awesome (little wonder why its an xbox live game).
In the game ( which is set in what looks like pearl harbor) you maneuver and doge incoming gunfire from enemy crafts while getting behind them at the same time to get a decent shot yourself!
 It features multi touch controls for both shooting and maneuvering. 

Game Description:
MiniSquadron is a frantic shooter involving lots of little planes all vying for supremacy of the skies! 
Perform loop-the-loops, Immelmann turns and other daring feats of aeronautical acrobatics with a super 
fluid control system. Experience the joy of freedom in the air!
Game rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars
You can get it for $2.99 or try it for FREE 


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