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Monday, March 26

At&t; Lumia 900 available in white starting April 22nd

At&t announced the Lumia 900 will be available in Black and Cyan on April 8th.
Leaving the question; what about the white Lumia 900?

Well, the white Lumia 900 will be available on April 22nd, so for those who desire the white one, you will just have to wait a little longer.

If you are not patient but desire to different, you can get it in cyan, it's a pretty unique color and rest assured your friends are going to want to get one when they see you with it!

If you look at the fine print in the bottom left of the pic taken from Nokia US webpage, you will see where Nokia states availability for the white version of the Lumia 900

it reads "Nokia Lumia 900 in white available starting April 22nd"

See At&t's "look at" video of the Lumia 900, when he talks about the Lumia 900 in "glossy white' coming on April 22nd

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  1. Do both the Cyan and Black have a matte finish?

  2. yes they do but the white is in glossy finish