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Wednesday, March 28

At&t; planning HUGE Launch for Lumia 900.

"Before you walk in to the store, you know this is our hero phone", said Jeff Bradley, AT&T device head. Speaking during an interview with CNET, Jeff talks about how the launch of the Lumia 900 will be BIGGER than anything they have ever done before (even bigger than the iPhone?), here's what he said in his own words "At all levels, this is a notch above anything we've ever done". 

At&t is determined to see the Lumia 900 get to where they want it to be and that's the top, ever since Apple iPhone's started sleeping with other major carriers (like Verizon, Sprint), At&t has been looking for a new monogamous bride, and if the Lumia 900 meets that requirement, Nokia could very well become At&t Franchise Handset maker, At&t currently has about 80 million wireless subscribers (as reported in February last month), so this would be a HUGE boost for Nokia and Microsoft's Windows Phone that has been trying to penetrate the US market.

Chris Weber, president of Nokia's North America business, also confirmed that the amount of money spent on this campaign is almost equivalent to that spent on successful smartphones currently in the market (though those phones aren't running WinPho OS). he noted "To re-enter the U.S. market, we know we have to be aggressive,"

The Ad campaign Blitz is set to start on day of Launch April 8th and last up to 8weeks. so if you thought the Lumia 710 Ad campaign was anything to go by, you are mistaken because At&t is set to roll thunder on this one.

I think an effective Ad Campaign is what Nokia/Microsoft need at this point, not a relentless barrage of Ads, TV Spots, and billboards just showcasing the beautiful hardware, effective campaigns like the "smokedbywindowsphone" that shows just how effective windows phone OS is aside from the beautiful devices that carry it, because at this point the Lumia 900 is pretty much Nokia "Last Stand" in the US market.

source: CNET


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