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Wednesday, March 14

Dual/Quad Core Phones only good for draining battery life - S. Elop

Nokia CEO, Stephen.Elop.
In an interview in China recently, Nokia CEO, Canadian-born Stephen Elop expressed his views on the emergence of dual core smartphones (mainly used by android phones).

S. Elop made it clear that there's absolutely no use for Dual Core smartphones and all they do is drain battery life! and to prove it, you can check out "Blown away by Lumia" or the now popular "smoked by windows", what these awareness type programs do is peat the single core win phones against high end android devices or even the iphone in various speed test like comparing how fast you can take a picture and upload it to your facebook or something like that, and the Lumia devices have won MOST of the time.

So is dual core smartphones really necessary or is it just another ploy by manufacturers to rip consumers off. In my own opinion, for the first part the answer is NO, I don't think equipping smartphones with multiple core processors will make the call any clearer!

Then you have to ask yourself, what's the most processor intensive app right now on a smartphone? video stream? picture editing? video editing? video call? online gaming? multitasking (exactly how many apps can you afford to have running in the background?

Are these tasks you can't afford to run on a single core CPU smartphone? I think not.

Come to think of it, high end phone now come with a separate chip for your graphics/3D HW accelerator/GPU, so if there's already a dedicated processor for all that graphic intensive stuff ( and that's where most of the processing power on a smartphone comes from).

Do we really need Dual/Quad Core smartphones?



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