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Tuesday, March 6

Firefox browser + Flash Player now available for Nokia N9

Undoubtedly the most popular web browser has found its way to the MeeGo powered Nokia N9.
Mozilla's Firefox is now available for your Nokia N9, you can get this powerful browser for FREE from the Nokia Store

App Description:
The Mozilla Firefox Web browser brings the best of desktop browsing experience. It’s fast, easy to use and customizable, with the latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe online. 

See a video demo (from YouTube's mynokiablog):

So what's the use of Firefox if it doesn't support flash? well, that's the question Nokia asked themselves and they answered by giving you flash support for your N9.
Now you can have the full desktop experience when surfing the web with your Nokia N9.

see demo of Flash on Firefox:

Flash player is free from the Nokia Store, get it HERE

All these rich content now available on the N9 (video calling, firefox, flash, awesome UI) makes me want to get one!


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