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Thursday, March 1

Introducing Nokia Commute on Nokia Drive 3 (Live traffic update for Nokia Drive on Lumia)

Only less than two weeks ago I wrote about the shortcomings of Nokia Maps/Drive on its Lumia series devices, and how it's a stripped down version of the famous Nokia Maps app.
All that changed when Nokia announced the Nokia Maps/Drive on Lumia will be updated to Nokia Drive 3 (with most of the features I complained about, except live traffic updates.
So I had to ask
And several hours later, engadget uploaded a video demoing the Nokia Commute,  we get to see what exactly this Nokia commute is... It's simply amazing:

check out the demo:

This app pretty much turns your navigation into an artificial intelligence, it checks your commute for traffic and suggests new routes as you drive (all in real time with live tile), pretty impressive.

So with the new Nokia Drive 3, we will now be able to create and collect your fav places, share your location via sms, email or social network, now have offline support (use navigation offline), speed alerts (one of my favourites) and now with Nokia Commute, we have intuitive traffic updates/alerts with suggested alternative routes!

If like me, you are looking to transfer all your favorite places in your Nokia maps collection on your Symbian device to your Lumia, there's no proprietary/easy way to do this, you'll have to transfer them one by one (via email), it would have been so much easier if we could sign in to Nokia Maps (on Lumia) using our OVI account and transferring our favorite places collection.

However,There's so much to look forward to regarding Nokia Maps on Lumia, expect this update to be available in the coming weeks!


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