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Wednesday, March 28

Leaked image of new device: Nokia Fluid?

New Nokia design US patent

Nokia Fluid shows up on occasional gamer

We saw the name "Nokia Fluid"appear on occasional gamer, to bring you up to speed, occasional gamer is a site where windows phone games are tested but whats interesting about the site is that it reveales the brand of the phone the game is being tested on.
So looking at it HERE, you can see a whole range of devices from Lumia 800 800c, 719, 719c, 610, 610c.
what caught our attention is the Nokia Fluid, which up until now no one had heard of!

Well, just tweeted an image of what they say is a new Nokia US design:

So is this what future Nokia phones will look like? or is Nokia filing a US design patent because it plans to bring the 610 and/or future Nokia phones with the same design to the US?
Maybe the Nokia Fluid is the BIGGER BETTER version of the Lumia 610?

Nokia had already said their next generation of WinPho8 Apollo devices will be revolutionary and unbelievable and judging from these images you can already see the border less display, its ultra slim look suggesting a light phone, but the battery cover is designed pretty much like the 610 where it curves to the front of the device, and the camera is also designed like that seen on the Lumia 610.

So Nokia filing a design patent for this means the 610 might not be the last of its kind, we could very well see other future Nokia phones with something similar, just like the N9, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 come from the same design family

sources @nokiaport via @camb078


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