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Saturday, March 31

Leaked screenshots of Nokia Carla? Shows New Browser/Keyboard

Nokia Carla is supposed to be the next major update to Symbian (Just like Belle), unfortunately it will not be available to 1st generation symbian^3 devices (N8 E7 C7 C6-01) due to hardware restrictions (low processor and low ROM/RAM capacity)

But rather you will see it on new Belle devices (701 603 700).
Nokia Carla already features on the Nokia 808 PureView, though many say that is Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1 (FP1) or Feature Pack 2 (FP2), as the Belle shown on the 808 in the many hands on youtube videos of it looks quite refreshed.

There's no official word from Nokia on the state or ETA for Nokia Carla, but everyday we get closer to it.

Nokianesia (an Indonesia nokia blog site) recently uploaded images it says are the UI screenshots for Nokia Carla:

The Nokia Carla is said to feature a new browser,new music player and new QWERTY keyboard.

The new music player UI looks to borrow some features from the N9 music player UI, see the similarities between the them:

Nokia Carla Music player UI

N9 music player

There's also a huge change/improvement in the QWERTY (portrait) keyboard, as you can see the buttons are now larger and spaced too, here's the current keyboard on the Nokia Belle against this new one:

Nokia carla keyboard

Current Belle keyboard

 It's also said that the Nokia Carla will now use "swipe to unlock" feature already used on N9.

What other features will you like to see on Nokia Carla??


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  1. Are you totally sure that N8 will not getting Carla update?

  2. I cannot confirm anything, that's why its filed under "rumours".
    there's no official statement from Nokia on "Carla" yet