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Sunday, March 25

Lumia 900 makes appearance on hit movie "21 Jump Street"

Nokia's leaving no stone un-turned as they get ready to release the Lumia 900 in 2weeks (Easter; April 8/9th).

They put a product placement for the Lumia 900 in blockbuster comedy hit movie "21 Jump Street" starring funny guy Jonah Hill and G.I Joe star Channing Tatum, the movie is a remake of the late 80's TV series of the same name.

The movie was released last weekend and has grossed more than 63million worldwide.

The last blockbuster hit movie, Nokia made an appearance in was Batman: The Dark Knight, followed by Tramsformers: Dark of the moon.

 I saw 21 Jump Street last week, the movie was good, but it got even better when I spotted the Nokia Lumia 900 (for a second).
Not a lot of people would have noticed it, only if you have seen it before would you realize it was the Lumia 900. I still think they should have given the Lumia 900 more air time :-)

Here's the Lumia 900 from the movie, someone was kind enough to send me a screenshot of it... you can see the power and camera uttons on the side:

In the last week, I've watched a bunch of movies both new and old, I saw 21 Jump Street, Taken, Star Trek and Real Steel and they all had Nokia's in them! Though the ones in real steel and star trek were concepts.

Nokia's been known for their aggressive product placement in Hollywood movies, this is a trend they have had since I can remember, from the 90's hit movie "The Saint" which featured the Nokia Communicator 9000.
Also in the movie "Cellular" where the Nokia 6600 played the leading role,
Then there's "Taken" the 2008 hit movie starring Liam Neeson, I personally refer to this movie as the "Nokia N Series Party" almost all the top N series phones were in there, from N80, N90 N91 N73
Other movies include Transformers, Star trek, Tron Legacy, Batman, Transporter and much much more...

The Nokia Lumia 710 also featured in Flo Rida's music video for his hit song "Wild Ones", a song that is currently #9 in the Billboard's HOT 100 and has over 24million view on youtube.
so it is not just limited to blockbuster movies, Nokia's also into hit songs too!
The Nokia 5800 Xpress music edition appeared in the most music videos from Christina Aguilera's Keeps getting better, Britney's womanizer, Flo Rida's "right round", Katy Perry's "waking up in Vegas", Pitbull's "shut it down to Pussycat Dolls "Jai Ho" and maybe more, well the 5800 was a phone made for music so all these appearances are well justified

Lumia 710 in Flo Rida's wild ones video (nice song too)


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