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Thursday, March 22

Lumia 900 shows up on At&t; website (Coming Soon) in 2weeks?

The Nokia LUmia 900 has finally showed up on At&t's website, as a "coming soon" teaser, the question now is how soon is "coming soon". April 8th
It was a little over 2weeks ago when I got the tip of an April 8th Easter Sunday launch (2 weeks from now), Easter cannot get here any sooner.

Earlier today wpcentral reported that the Lumia 900 is already in stores and already been used by some  At&t employees so they can get the hang of it and be able to market it to consumers I assume.
this only proves that contrary to popular belief that the delay was due Nokia's fault, I can tell you it wasn't, it just so happened that the March 18th fell on the same weekend At&t launched the iPad3, so Nokia as a a company willing to dominate the US market in the near future, had to kiss At&t's A** and move it to April 8th.

And they (wpcentral) even got a pic of a black and cyan lumia 900  from one of the At&t stores >>

Here is the teaser on At&t website

While Nokia fans rant about how they delay between device announcement to actual sate date, let's remember this was

Is there an app that can put you to sleep for 2weeks?? I can't wait!
what if it comes out earlier than April 8th ;-)


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