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Saturday, March 31

My experience pre-ordering the Nokia Lumia 900

On Friday, March 30th the Nokia Lumia 900 became available for pre-order for new and existing At&t customers, with a scheduled delivery of between Wednesday April 4th and Friday 6th. If you don't pre-order you can still get it start online or in stores starting Sunday, April 8th.

So yesterday, I stopped by my locat At&t store with the intentions of pre-ordering this device so I could get it earlier, but what I encountered at the store was unbelievable, the At&t rep informed me that their pre-ordering system was really busy and apparently a lot of At&t reps were booking pre-orders around the nation, that got me surprised but I tried to hide how excited I was about this. I ended up not being able to get my pre-order going as the system was still overwhelmed with requests, so the rep told me to stop by tomorrow (that's today) and he also added 1,500 rollover minutes to my At&t account for any inconveniences this had caused (how NICE).

While I was at the store however, I did get a chance to play with a Lumia 900, it wasn't on display yet, but the Manager was kind enough to let me play with his, I have already seen the Lumia 900 (at CES) but got limited interaction with it, so this was sort of my first mini hands on.
Not going to talk much about the hands on (that's for another post) butI would say this, I am looking forward to using the blazing fast internet (4G LTE) and experiencing video HD streaming with Netflix and making video calls on Tango (Tango is a cross platform video calling app).

Since, I had my N9 with me, I quickly noticed how the Lumia 900 was a bloated N9, same industrial design, but what I like most about the hardware is that Nokia finally decided to get rid of the USB door, I never saw the use of it, it is such an inconvenience, always having to open it every time you needed to charge of connect your phone to your PC.

 here are a couple of screenshots I took comparing the Lumia 900 and N9:

Anyway, I went back today and successfully pre-ordered the Cyan Lumia 900, and I could get it as early as the 4th, at the most on Friday the 6th.
I did get a confirmation email, though I hear some people got emails saying the device was on back order.

What was your pre-order experience like? if you have any


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