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Tuesday, March 20

new Nokia Maps&Drive; 2.0 now available for Nokia Lumia Devices ONLY! (.PDF Manual Inside)

Nokia showcased its new Nokia Maps and Drive system for Lumia devices at MWC.

With the new Nokia maps you now have new features:
  • offline navigation, 
  • speed limit alerts, 
  • improved dashboard UI, 
  • multiple route points, 
  • re-routing options, 
  • save your favourite destinations, 
  • share locations and route to get there via SMS, email or social networks (facebook, twitter)
  • traffic updates and more.

You can check out an in-depth look at the new Nokia Maps/Drive.

Though I am curious to see if this update also includes the new Nokia Commute feature that gives you live traffic update and re-routes you to your destination in real time!

Video Demo:

Well it is now available for your Lumia devices, you wouldn't find this on non-Nokia WP7 phones :-P (one of the many perks of owning a Nokia).

So in case you are new to Nokia devices and Nokia's map/drive navigation app, there's also a PDF manual for the new Nokia Maps App:

now you can share location/route via social media

So if you don't have a Nokia Lumia phone yet, go get one, download the new Nokia maps and get the Manual for Nokia Drive 2.0 HERE

to get this update, just go to your marketplace on your Nokia device, you should see a notification of an update or you can conect your phone to your PC and update using the Zune software.


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