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Wednesday, March 28

New Update (1600.2487.8107.12070) for Lumia 800 available

A new update (1600.2487.8107.12070) is now available for Lumia 800.

this update was supposed to be out by April 18th, but got an early release which is good news for Lumia 800 owners.

The update brings significant improvements in battery performance and power management, and there is also work done on the bass audio quality of the device to give you a good full sound experience on your Lumia 800.

According to Nokia conversations, the update will NOT be released to everyone around the globe all at once, but rather in batches, 4 batches total, the first batch gets pushed today Mar 28th, followed by a 2nd on April 4th, then 11th and last on 18th of April. This is due to Operator secifications and approval procedures and all that bureaucratic stuff.

Nokia conversations also confirmed that WiFi tethering functionality will not be included in this update but rather is on the way and should be available soon.

 You can check if the update is available in your region HERE

So have you updated? did you notice any difference in battery life?

Source: Nokia Conversations


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