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Monday, March 5

No Nokia 808 PureView in US. Is this even News?

I woke up this Monday morning, only to find every blog talking about how the Nokia 808 will not be launched in the US.
the question is.. is this even News??!!

Nokia already stated last year that it will cease selling Nokia Symbian (unlocked devices) in the US and focus more on WinPho7 and US carriers. The Nokia 808 as awesome and as promising as it is, is no exception.
I live in the US and support Nokia's decision, even though it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Focusing on WinPho7 is the right way to go,US consumers already identify with the PC anyways, and once Win8 is fully released with its WinPho version (Apollo) there's no doubt that will help boost Nokia's Lumia devices too in the US (T-Mobile's Lumia 710 probably already sold more than all the Nokia unlocked Symbian devices in the US)

They had to stop selling Symbian, my guess is for 2 main reasons:
  1. Americans do not buy unlocked phones (mainly because of high price, no subsidy).
  2. Americans (and US Carriers)do not just like Symbian (no thanks to Engadget and the many many Symbian haters)

I have already come to terms with the fact that I will have to get my Symbian fix else where and you should to (if you are in the US).
Though I will now go the Lumia way, I mean, Lumia devices have all the useful tools/apps you need if you want to survive in the US, Symbian just doesn't have a place here anymore, and truth be told it never did.

Hopefully, we will get a PureView Nokia Lumia phone before the end of the year.

So Apparently, this came as a shocker and is news to some, especially after the device spec page for the Nokia 808 states it will be available globally except in North America,
I guess its just another slow monday...


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