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Wednesday, March 21

Nokia calls on Baseball Legend John Kruk, Microsoft calls "can you hear me now" guy

John Kruk, a Baseball Legend and current ESPN TV pundit is shooting a TV commercial for the Lumia 900, no doubt given John's Sports fanbase this commercial should be sports related.
he tweeted a couple of days ago:

We expect the Lumia 900 to be released on Easter sunday (April 8th), so using John is good, especially as Baseball season just kicked off. John Kruk is a good pick, Nokia can still expand their market reach and pick ESPN's Basketball TV personality Charles Barkley! Or who knows who else Nokia has lined up (certainly NO Kim Kardashian please).

In other Marketing related news, Microsoft has hired the guru behind Verizon's "can you hear me now?" Ad campaign, Thom Gruhler was hired by Microsoft as their new corporate vice president of Windows Phone marketing. In a bid to push windows phone to US consumers. He will lead all advertising, marketing and communications activities for the Windows Phone division, and will work closely with product engineering teams and carriers to drive demand for the platform. The Verizon's "can you hear me now" Ad campaign was a HUGE boost for them, sticking it to the face of rival At&t!
So we hope to see the wonders Thom can perform for obsolete Windows Phone in the US market, God knows they need all the talent they can get, with android and iPhone firmly in control, this might be Thom Gruhler's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE or maybe it could just be a "walk in the park" for him like it was for Tom Cruise!

So with Nokia and Microsoft each planning their own marketing schemes on how to bring awareness to mobile US consumers, it can only be a matter of time before iPhone and android users realize there is something better!

**Lumia 900 couldn't get here any sooner!

Sources: Fiercewireless and wpcentral


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