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Thursday, March 29

Nokia Lumia 900 accessories now available from At&t; and Amazon

If you are like me then you probably saw a few hands on/unboxing videos on the at&t Lumia 900 and noticed that it doesn't come with a casing like the N9 and Lumia 800 do.

So instinctively I started searching for Nokia original cases for the phone.

Amazon has a few, though they are not original Nokia silicone cases that I would prefer, but they are cheap compared to what At&t is offering, they cost between $5 and $15 for the ones I saw.
At&t offers silicone casings and bumpers too, with the option to choose whatever color of your choice (black, cyan pink green), but they are pricey at $20

you can see Amazon's range of Lumia 900 accessories HERE.

At&t also has their own stash which you can check out HERE

unfortunately I cannot find a white casing anywhere, hopefully it should eventually come out sooner than later!


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