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Saturday, March 3

Nokia Lumia 900 confirmed for Rogers Canada

Rogers just put out media stating the Lumia 900 will soon be available in Canada.
And it looks like its going to be a batman III (dark knight rises) themed phone from the last sentence: "There's a hero rising out of the darkness"
That can only mean one thing, the Lumia 900 will be promoted along side the upcoming summer movie (in May) Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises.
Nokia released last year special limited edition Dark Knight Lumia 800s
We all know Nokia is used to promoting the gear with blockbuster movies (Transformers anyone?).
They even had a transformer trivia game you could download from the Nokia store and win prizes (I won a C7 from this trivia last year, just saying :-)
So let's hope they introduce a new Batman trivia game like they did last year for transformers, I'll try my luck again and see if I can get a Lumia 900 maybe?
anyway, here it is:

I just remembered I called this in January, when I got tipped that Rogers were planning to bring the Lumia 900 in May :-) see the post here

So like I said expect Lumia 900 to debut in Canada via Rogers in May, it's release could very well coincide with the premiere of the third and final installment of Chris Nolan's Batman: Dark Knight.


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