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Thursday, March 22

Nokia Play To now available for Lumia devices (via Nokia BetaLabs)

Nokia Play To is now available for Lumia phones.

What is Nokia Play To?

Nokia Play To lets you show photos and videos taken with your mobile to your friends wirelessly on your TV. Or you can listen to your favourite music stored on your mobile with your home audio system. Just launch Play To, select the device and media you want to play. No configuration is needed once WLAN is on and all devices are connected to the same network.
Nokia Play To is meant for playing media stored on mobile i.e. it is not possible to access other DLNA devices with it. We wanted to concentrate on creating a solution for easily enjoying mobile media on a big TV screen or with an audio system. If you are familiar with DLNA technology we are supporting push and server functionalities with our current implementation.

Nokia Play To demoed on the Nokia C7:

You can head on over to the Nokia BetaLabs to try it out for yourself and be sure to leave feedback and report any issues you experience to help them improve on it.


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