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Tuesday, March 20

Nokia Transport now available for Nokia Lumia (video demo)

Nokia Public transport App; Nokia Transport is now available over at the marketplace for Nokia Lumia phones (exclusively).

With Nokia Transport, you can plan your travels, see bus schedules (arrivals/departures), not just buses, but also trains, subways, ferries or whatever public transportation system is in your vicinity.
So now you never have to worry about missing your bus or train, with this handy app, you are good to go.
i use this app on my symbian phone (N8) and it works perfect, glad to see it now available on WinPho.

see it demoed on the Lumia 900:

Download Nokia transport for Lumia HERE

It's interesting all these new Nokia apps (maps, drive and now transport) are being released this week, this is the same week the Lumia 900 was supposed to be available on At&t, isn't it?



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