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Wednesday, March 28

Nokia working on 2 more MeeGo Devices or maybe its just Meltemi?

Nokia is planning on releasing 2 low budget MeeGo phones targeted at emerging markets as part of their "Next Billion" campaign. According to Netbooknews, These devices will feature in markets with less access to internet and smartphones. So far, the N9 & N950 are the only MeeGo based phones out there and Nokia had earlier said they have no plans on working on a successor as it is just a disruptor.

Currently, Nokia has sold 1.5Billion smartphones thanks to its S40 range of devices which include the Asha series (which features low end phones with dual SIM capabilities),

It's interesting to note that there has been rumors (or maybe fact) of S40 devices being replaced by Meltemi devices in the near future, to refresh your memory; Meltemi is a MeeGo Linux-based smartphone operating system designed by Nokia for low-cost mobile devices.

So is Nokia working on 2 Meltemi devices? After all, Netbooknews is reporting it got news of 2 low cost MeeGo devices in the works, when in fact it could be Meltemi devices they are talking about.

So far that's all the news they got, so as usual time will tell!


FunFact: Meltemi means "cool breeze"


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