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Friday, March 30

Nokia working on PureView for its Windows Phones

I guess it was inevitable that Nokia would introduce its PureView technology into its line of Windows Phones, not the current Lumia devices, but this latest job post by Nokia confirms they are indeed working on Windows Phone to carry this unique camera imaging technology.

The job is for a chance to join Nokia's windows phone imaging team in Finland

The job description:
 "Have you heard of Nokia 808 PureView? Do you want to take part in creating the next chapter in Nokia's Windows Phone devices? Do you want to be a part of a team in charge of developing the next big thing related to imaging and camera? If yes, this is your opportunity to join our world-class team! "

Job listing :

In conclusion, I don't think we will see any 41MP windows phone till WP8 Apollo is released, this is the mobile OS where Nokia will be allowed to do as much tweaking asthey so wish, giving them a chance to fully implement PureView into their windows phones, something I am pretty sure they were held back on regarding WP7.5.

 So would you get the Nokia 808 PureView or wait for its Windows Phone counterpart?

Source: PhoneArena


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