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Thursday, March 22

Nokia's Creative Studio App now available for Lumia Devices

Nokia's Creative Studio App is their latest addition to the "Nokia Collection" in the marketplace.
Creative Studio App is a photo editing App that allows you to apply effects not only to pics in your gallery but also using your camera's view finder before you take a pic, these effects are called life styles

Life style Effects include...
  • Sketch
  • Dreamy
  • Night vision
  • Cartoon
  • Colour
  • Silkscreen
 You can also use face warp to make caricatures of yourself or friends...

Face Warp effects include:
  • Mega mouth
  • Super chin
  • Pinocchio
  • Dweeb
  • Alien
  • Twister
You can also now take panoramic pictures with this app, so Creative Studio is your All-in-One photo enhancing/editing App, and I am guessing Nokia will be releasing updates, adding more effects to this fun app.

So if you have got a 710 or 800, be sure to head over to Nokia collection in the marketplace and get this fun app, it is totally FREE.

I don't have a way to try it, as like many other people like me, we are waiting for the Lumia 900!



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