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Wednesday, March 14

Nokia's expecting to sell 4million units of the Lumia 610 in Q2 2012?

According to Compal, the guys behind shipping Nokia devices, they are expecting to ship 4million Lumia devices in Q2 alone, and the Lumia 610 accounts for most of them (what about the international version of the Lumia 900 in white?).

Nokia's clearly expecting the Lumia 610 to be a HUGE hit, and rightly so, it's a low budget WinPho costing less than 200 euros, and will also be available as a pay-as-you-go device, and will be widely made available in emerging markets.. so yeah 4 million!

It's safe to say the end of Q2 2012 should mark the beginning of Nokia's dominance on the WinPho platform, as all 4 Lumia devices will be readily available ( I'm thinking more than 10miilion units of Lumia devices should have been sold by then, just a sketchy estimate), all packing Nokia's exclusive apps and features (Maps, Drive, Music and more).



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