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Tuesday, March 20

Nokia's Lumia outselling Symbian: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

According to Bloomberg, Nokia Lumia devices have outsold Symbian phones in the UK (no surprise there really).
Following Nokia Ad Blitz ( like the one we saw in the SUN newspaper last week) of Lumia and its "amazing everyday" campaign and Nokia's determination to kill Symbian, this was inevitable.

There's the good, bad and the ugly to this story;
The Good: Symbian Users are transitioning to Windows Phone sooner than expected, a very good thing.

The Bad: Nokia has also lost a large chunk of Symbian users to Apple's iPhone and Androids and are continuing to do so (especially in developed countries)

The Ugly: Though Lumia 800 is selling quite well, it is peanuts compared to the kind of sales iPhone and Android are racking up, most iPhone and Android users still prefer their current mobile OS over WP7 and also a very small number of people are making a switch from these iphone/android to windows phone.

I'm not a doomsday preacher, I'm just upset that the Lumia 900 isn't out yet! 

It will be interesting to see the reception the Nokia 808 is going to get come May! We'll get to see how much of a factor the camera on a phone is when people go shopping for a new phone.

Source: CNET


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