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Tuesday, March 6

Nokia's Nano technology: SuperHydrophobic surface

You know Nokia always has something brewing in their Research Labs.
And once in a while, they like to share with us some of their cool stuff!

This here is a superhydrophobic (no I didn't say supercalifragilisticerspialidouscious) surface created with nano technology (not a SciFi flick either).

When coated on any surface it turns if into a lotus leaf (where drops of water falls, bounces, and rolls away without trace - leaving the leaf clean and water repellant)., are you puzzled?
check out the video then:

Bower explains: “A hydrophobic coating - like Teflon - has a low surface energy and a high contact angle of 120 deg, which makes water form discrete droplets on the surface.”
He goes on to explain that Superhydrophobic coatings have a contact angle that can approach 180 degrees - and the liquid forms discrete drops that literally bounce off the surface:
“The difference is the nano-structured coating, trapping air at the interface, that makes sure the liquid never actually touches the surface.”

So as you can see there's a lot of potential with this technology and hopefully Nokia already patented it!
Can't wait to see how this is applied in future Nokia Phones/Tablets (imagine a superhydrophobic, AMOLED CBD screen)

Source: Nokia Conversation

Nokia, Connecting People.. and Scientists


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