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Monday, March 19

Nokia's new Windows Phone UI?

Nokia can choose to change the windows phone Metro UI if they so wished. Yup, it's part of the agreement they signed with Microsoft in February of last year.
Though Nokia has reiterated they wouldn't be tampering (at least not heavily) with the UI, and we have seen that they haven't with the current Lumia devices.
S.Elop did say we would see some proprietary changes to the windows phone UI when Windows Phone 8 is released later this year, but just how much change are we going to see? no one knows yet.

The guys at pocketnow came across a few of the proposed UI (a concept UI) made by the guys from Nokia's R&D team and from the looks of this, it is a total overhaul of the windows metro UI. So this is not going to make its way to WP7 platform, I would rather see this on Symbian IMHO.

Nokia has already stated they wouldn't be making any changes to the WinPho UI, and since the person responsible for this piece of art has moved to Accenture (the company responsible for revamping Symbian), I can only hope such artistry can be employed on the Symbian UI.
It would be really cool if this or something close to this is used to bring Symbian back!

For full story and more pics see HERE


  1. Thanks for this interesting post. This design looks good, I think anyways that mobile operation systems should get more inbuilt variations in the future (themes). I recently read how many people jailbreak their iPhones just to open the possibility to add more themes (because even the newest iOS really looks so outdated nowadays).
    But I doubt that Nokia could change so much in WindowsPhone...So far it looks like a very one-sided contract. Windows Phone is as restricted as an active Alcatraz prison and even functions in inbuilt Nokia apps had to be cut away because of windows restrictions.

    Let's hope I'm wrong, because with the new Symbian Belle and MeeGo Nokia showed everyone how good they are in design (graphical and usability). We'll see if WP can catch up with version 8 :)

  2. i would rather see these designs on new symbian or meeGo OS