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Thursday, March 15

Nokia's Tablet in the Works says Marko Ahtisaari

So in an interview with Finnish magazine Kauppalehti Optio, Marko Ahtisari (Nokia's Design Chief) said he spends one third of his time designing a tablet for Nokia.
When asked about if Nokia was going to release a tablet soon, his response was "We are working on it".
and according to a spokesman, Nokia have always eyed the tablet market.

So when will we see a tablet from the Largest Phone makers? certainly not anytime soon. Even a prototype for all to see at September's Nokia world now seems unlikely, if what Marko says about being in the design phase of it then it is very unlikely we will see one materialize by Sept. but then again, who knows?

After this revelation, alot of questions have already crossed my mind about what this tablet should have that would make it stand out from the already saturated tablet market (with the iPad holding dominance).

so we have to ask:
What OS would it run?
Screen size?
what kind of screen technology?
camera? or cameras?
processor type & speed?
what accessories?
how many ports? what ports?
portability? mobility? usability?



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