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Monday, March 5

Ovi Share to be Terminated come May 30th

Nokia just announced via Nokia Conversations that it will be ending its OVI Share services (apparently another one of OVI's many services).

To tell you the truth I actually never knew there was an OVI Share service, until I went to and saw 1 photo I apparently uploaded there back in July 2010.

check out the photo:

Ovi Share is a service you can use to back up your contacts (from facebook, twitter), photos, videos and share these content with friends.

Anyway, it coming to an end just like the other Ovi Services discontinued in the last year, in a bid to re-brand itself, Nokia is discontinuing all OVI related services and focusing on its own brand "Nokia".

Though Nokia doesn't need to explain why they are shutting down this service as they already told us last year, but they did anyway:

Discontinuing Ovi Share was a business decision to help us focus on our core Nokia service offerings. The new business unit Location & Commerce, established in June 2011, is now in the center of our revised services strategy, bringing you leading location-based services like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and Nokia Transport.

So if you actively used the Ovi Share service (or maybe you did a long time ago and don't remember  like me), you might want to go to log in with your ovi/Nokia account and see if you have any media content there and back them up.

To backup your content:
  • Visit from your personal computer
  • Login to your Ovi account
  • Go to Download your media library and click “Download now”
  • Follow the instructions on the site
 you can even download them in one .zip package (makes it easier).

So here's a timeline for the termination of OVI Share service:

March 13: Web uploads no longer possible
May 30: Last day for downloading user content
May 31: Service discontinued and no longer accessible

So you have until May 30th to download all your content.

For more details and support, go to

read full story from Nokia Conversation

FunFact: Ovi means "Door" in Finnish!


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