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Tuesday, March 6

PR1.2 update now available for more Nokia N9 users

Earlier, Nokia began rolling out its PR1.2 update to few N9 users, but today they announced that the update is now available to more than 70% of N9 users.

Just plug your phone to your PC, or connect it via WiFi to get the update (large 283.7mb update file), also don\t forget to backup all your data first before running the update.

The notable added features to this update include:

  • Pressing and holding anywhere on the application screen will give you the option to add a new folder.
  • The Nokia N9’s 8-megapixel camera now supports continuous shooting. Even better - the zero lag shutter in continuous shooting mode means that the camera is so fast, what you see (in the screen when you snap the shot) is what you get (in the final image).
  • New face recognition technology for your photos.
  • Just hold your finger down on the capture button for a continual stream of photos - nine, to be precise. You’ll get three frames per second.
  • This update also includes the ability to make video calls with Google Talk, using the full power of the front-facing camera, you can also switch between the front and main back camera while in the video call.
  • New and improved Nokia Maps (features include save to favourites, speed limit alerts)
  • You can now share the media stored on your phone, via your TV and games console.
  • Software update notifications for 3rd party apps in Nokia Store.
  • Support for creating playlists and deleting songs in the music player.
  • Access to the global company address list in Mail for Exchange. 
  • Your browser now remembers passwords and has select/copy text support.
  • The gallery now has face recognition support to help organize your pics.
  • A wide variety of haptic feedbacks for different user interface elements has been added.
  • There are separate settings to allow background connections in the home network and while roaming. It’s also possible to disallow data roaming completely, without asking.
  • Dropbox support has been added to Accounts for sharing files.
For a full list of update Changelog, check HERE

source: Nokia Conversations


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