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Sunday, March 18

Rogers Canada now accepting pre-orders for Lumia 900

Rogers Canada is now accepting pre-orders for the Lumia 900.
And that's not all, If you sign up for a pre-order or reserve one, you enter for a chance to win a private screening for one of Summer's Blockbusters; Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, a special edition "Dark Knight Rises" Lumia 900 (like the ones we saw on the Lumia 800 last year) and Nokia's Purity HD Stereo Headsets.

Previous rumor has the Lumia 900 being available in Canada via Rogers in May. And though the Lumia 900 never got released today Mar 18th in the US due to unforeseen circumstances, it is still expected that the Lumia 900 will be out April 8th, according to source.
It is yet to be known if At&t will be putting out promos similar to this one.

The phone will be available for $99CAD on a 3yr contract. 




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