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Wednesday, March 7

Skype records 35million concurrent Users!

Skype hit a major milestone on Monday 35million of its users accessed its audio and video services at the same time. A number that grew from 32 million in late February to 34million the next week.

This comes as Skype beta for WinPho7 was released last week.
Skype is already available on all platforms, including Symbian, MeeGo, PC, MAC and more.

Microsoft acquired Skype for 8.5Billion and promised to boost its services by providing indepth integration with its products (Xbox, Phone...) and Skype, though it is too early to see any results as a full version of the app isn't yet available for WinPho7 (just a beta).

The Lumia 900 is set to be Nokia's first phone to have video calling on Skype, as that video calling feature isn't available on Nokia Symbian and MeeGo devices yet.

I don't understand why Skype video calling isn't available on Symbian or even MeeGo, yet it works on Android and iPhone, aren't these supposed to be Microsoft rivals?



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